Human Jukebox

The character is like a jukebox. Press a button and the program searches the files (the past) for what to play. Let’s say someone pressed one of your buttons and for a few moments, your character was off and running.

Thoughts cascading, interpretations being made, anger being felt. No control over any of it, then… it was over. Time to deconstruct.

A person, the character, the conversation, and the thoughts are appearances. Oneness forming itself into and expressing itself, temporarily, in a variety of forms. Some seemingly tangible (people) and intangible (conversation and thoughts).

Neither your character nor the other person had any control over the thoughts that had arisen, words spoken, actions taken, and any feelings that were felt.

Who was there to feel anger? No-one. At whom was the anger directed? No-one. Where was the anger located? Nowhere. Where were the thoughts that formed themselves into feelings located? Nowhere. Who had the conversation? No-one.

In short, nothing happened.

One Movement

There’s no CEO, no manager, no-one in charge, no director. Life flowing freely as one movement.

OK. Life flowing freely as one movement.

Hmmm… Pondering…What does that mean or rather how does it look?

Images from space appear in my mind; the next moment a piece of music from a Beethoven symphony ; then I turn my head and glance outside. Overcast… rain… no breeze… a tiny Black Phoebe splashing in a puddle on the patio… another one joins in…

It all occurs simultaneously. It is one continuous flowing movement; it is constantly now.