Just Be

Grasp nothing
Resist nothing
Deny nothing
Judge nothing

Just be with what is


One Movement

There’s no CEO, no manager, no-one in charge, no director. Life flowing freely as one movement.

OK. Life flowing freely as one movement.

Hmmm… Pondering…What does that mean or rather how does it look?

Images from space appear in my mind; the next moment a piece of music from a Beethoven symphony ; then I turn my head and glance outside. Overcast… rain… no breeze… a tiny Black Phoebe splashing in a puddle on the patio… another one joins in…

It all occurs simultaneously. It is one continuous flowing movement; it is constantly now.

5:00 a.m.

5 a.m.

Tule fog

In front of the security cameras…Fog droplets reveal currents of air

The security cameras are strewn with last evening’ spider silk

High overhead the distant rumble of an aeroplane flying away from here

Oneness is all there is – there is no one here vs. there

I open the sliding door and stand there for a moment to smell the fog and its fresh and moist air

My husband and the dogs are sleeping peacefully upstairs

Hummingbirds are beginning to awaken

Another plane – Has the flight path been changed?

My feet are numb, time to close the door.

In the Present Moment

I found this quote in one of my notebooks but don’t know where it came from. Due to that fact, I don’t know if every word or punctuation was taken down with precision and for that I apologize. It must have struck me as thought provoking at the time so here it is.

“In the present moment,
Do not correct,
Do not modify,
Do not accept or reject,
Do not try to rearrange your present wakefulness.

Instead, leave it as it naturally is without an attempt to alter it in any way. This is called sustaining your natural face.”